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In the Encyclopaedia of Business Administration published by Harvard University, the explanation of added value is as follows

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Added (Value) is the abbreviation of added value. It is a new value created by effective labor in the process of production, that is, the new value added to the original value of the product.
added value

To explain the additional value of the Harvard University published "enterprise management" in the encyclopedia are as follows: the added value is the enterprise through the production process of new value added or deducted from the enterprise's sales for productive use and the cost of raw materials purchased from other companies, which is the business of pure production.

The concept corresponding to the above two kinds of value added, value-added products should include two aspects, namely through the creation of enterprise internal production activities such as value-added products and additional through market strategy to create in the circulation of commodity value.
The meaning of high added value and high added value
High value-added products, refers to the "input-output" relatively high product, wheat research brand planning (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. can provide you with high value-added services. Its technical content, cultural value, etc., than the average product is much higher, so the market value of large, high profits.
As for the "high value-added products", such basic concepts should be defined:
First, the value of the added value is a relative concept, subject to different industries, national conditions and different price system constraints.
Second, the value of added value is also a time sensitive and interactive concept with market conditions.
Third, "high value-added products" is a comprehensive, systematic concept. It should be a product with less input, more output and more reasonable function value.
Fourth, high value-added products can not be equated with high-tech, high consumption, high-grade products, and the latter can only be called "high value-added products" when they become high efficiency products.