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One of the most important part of the quality of the products, the company attaches great importance to service and support to customers, and customer satisfaction is our most concern, to provide timely, reliable and satisfactory service for the customer

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  • Brand planning (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
In the headquarters of the heart support, and make full use of their brand appeal, directly Jin Hao mature mode of operation, with a strong brand advertising campaign, product advantage, quickly launched the regional market, are invited to have to control the market power and market execution elite agents to the truth won the throne, feast Jin Haocha oil monopoly, create the wealth of their own kingdom!
Cooperation mode: regional agents, franchisees, group buying dealers
Regional agency requirements: 1, with independent legal person qualification and general taxpayer qualification; 2, have a fixed business office space; 3, have certain ability of supply and distribution; 4, have certain capital strength and sales network, familiar with the operation of grain and oil products; 5, the operation of the market's professional sales staff; 6 with the brand awareness of identity, Jin Hao corporate culture and business philosophy.
Group buying requirements: 1, aspiring to build their own kingdom of wealth; 2, have certain social resources, identify with Kim Ho corporate culture and business philosophy.
Franchise requirements: 1., with a strong sense of territory and entrepreneurial passion; 2., equity agent is based on the premise of within the jurisdiction of a standard store above the level of physical stores. Shop area: 30--60 square meters 3. best; fully agree with the management idea of Jin Haocha oil.
5, with certain business experience, financial strength and office conditions. 6, the image of unity: all stores need to unify the store image;
Our support: policy, advertising, training, management:
It costs into the store support, marketing staff and financial support, organize regular training.
This perfect, comprehensive technical sales support, so that customers have no sales pressure. Always answer your problems in the operation and sale process, avoid your worries, upgrade and update service.
Very strict market protection, to avoid disorderly competition, maintain absolute equity partners.
* perfect return policy, let dealers without risk management.
* for the test report, the national authority authorization certificate of full set of documents.
This product imported from Germany 6S low pressure village of the latest technology, high quality, strict inspection, to ensure that the product qualified rate of 100%.