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Our team of wheat brand planning, through continuous analysis, can be understood and analyzed from the following three aspects:

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The brand influence understood by Mak brand planning is the ability of the brand to develop the market, capture the market and gain profit.
brief introduction
Brand influence has become an important factor for customers to choose goods.
The brand power and creativity of enterprises are the source of brand influence; brand power is the foundation of brand influence, while the wheat research team is an excellent design team specializing in brand building. Brand influence is a comprehensive reflection of core influence and denotative influence, and it is the most important embodiment of influence in higher level. At present, consumer brand consumption habits are taking shape, and the issue of advertising resources and the formation of a strong brand media concentration trend. Implementing brand strategy and building brand influence become the key point of influence construction.
Brand influence evaluation index
Brand awareness
Perceived Brand Quality
Brand reputation
Brand preference
Brand share
Brand satisfaction
brand loyalty
Core index of brand influence
The above indicators are derived from the direct evaluation and recognition of the brand by consumers, among which the core index is brand loyalty. Because the brand loyalty determines the preference of customers to the brand, the brand is more important to decide the customer loyalty degree of concern for the brand, brand loyalty will make the customer background on the company, the brand's initiative to explore or understand.

Active attention is the access to information that meets the needs of the audience. Because of the above information for the audience to yearn for the initiative. There are many factors to trigger the search for motivation, customer for the enterprise, their attractive brand behind the wealth of digital and entrepreneurial story to customers very. The research team found that wheat was concerned in the process of the enterprise, but also has far-reaching influence, entrepreneurial spirit, wealth of experience and wealth on the quality of the public, to transmit the communication is an example of the power of the Chinese, virtually affect public economic community life.

Measuring method of brand influence
1. network media, according to a specific frequency of the system search, calculate the relevant frequency band search value, the different cycle of search value are added separately, get the annual search total parameter A.
2., the newspaper media carries on the system monitoring according to the specific frequency, calculates the correlation frequency band search value, adds the different cycle search value separately, obtains the annual search total parameter B.
3. brand impact measurement formula: Sigma =A+B
4. after the necessary technical treatment of the Sigma value, the result is the number of times the brand is mentioned, and the unit is "times"".
Brand influence expansion mode
Brand positioning, brand marketing can be carried out through a variety of ways, from the traditional print media (newspapers, magazines, advertising train timetable), electronic media advertising (TV, network, electronic display, etc.) outdoor advertising (commercials, poster advertisement etc.), not only display ads according to the previous window display, but in some big city, the establishment of specialized stores in their consumption ability of the region, brand franchise. Of course, network marketing can not be ignored. For more and more young people, online shopping has become a habit, and the ability to spend is amazing, they are our product a large number of potential customer base. In addition, online marketing is also the best way to get into the international market.